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Research Paper Published


Get Joel Hundert, Sarah Rowe, and Erin Harrison have written a research paper, entitlted, The Combined Effects of Social Script Training and Peer Buddies on Generalized Peer Interaction of Children with ASD in Inclusive Classrooms that will be appearing in a upcoming issue of Focus on Autism and Other Developmental Disabilities.  Here is the abstract:


One of the challenges in supporting young children with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) in inclusive classrooms is the generalization of improved social behaviors.  Using a multiple baseline design across participants, this study examined the generalized effects of social script training alone and combined with peer buddies on the interactive play of three children with ASD to play settings in inclusive classrooms where the training was not in effect. Social script training alone increased the interactive play of children with ASD when the intervention was in place, but did not generalize to another play setting when social script training was not being conducted.  The addition of peer buddies combined with social script training produced a generalized increase in peer interaction to play settings in inclusive classrooms when theme related play materials and adult assistance were unavailable.  Implications of these results for inclusion of young children with ASD are discussed.

Download full article here.