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New ABA Programs

New ABA Programs For Families With A Child with ASD

We are now offering three new programs for families with a child with ASD:

ABA Parenting Module 1: Teaching Your Child To Follow Requests

ABA Parenting Module 2: Teaching Your Child To Communicate

ABA Parenting Module 3: Teaching Your Child To Be Toilet Trained

Each coaching program consists of total of between four and seven sessions that consist of:

1. An initial assessment of your child’s needs in the area that you have selected;

2. A demonstration of the ABA procedures individualized for your child;

3. On-site coaching of each parent in how to implement the ABA procedures with your child.

4. Generalization of the intervention to other settings with other people.

5. Evaluation of your child’s gains.

Some or all of the services may be able to be provided via Skype or Facetime over the internet, allowing families in remote areas to be served.

No Waiting List

All services are under the supervision of a Board Certified Behaviour Analyst.

Costs:  The total cost of each program ranges between $1,000 and $1,500.  There is a lowered cost if a family takes additional modules.

Costs may be covered by any supplementary health care coverage that you may have for a psychologist. 

If you are on the waiting list for IBI in Ontario and your child is five years old or older, you may be eligible for up to $8,000 to purchase community services.  See

You may be eligible to receive funds from President Choice Children’s Charity. (

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