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Relapse Prevention Treatment Program

Behaviour Innovations provides group-based treatment to individuals with a developmental disability who have offended sexually against children or other vulnerable individuals. This small group meets bi-weekly for a 1.5 hour session led by one of our Senior Clinicians. The group format allows for feedback from peers and group/individual accountability. Participants are taught to identify the progressive and self-reinforcing nature of the pre-offense components and are supported in their acquisition of safe, alternative strategies to cope with sexually deviant feelings and to reduce the risk of reoffending. A Community Access Plan (CAP) is developed for each participant with the input of community support staff and family. This plan systematically exposes the offender to decreasing supervision levels based on their own success in planned situations at home and in the community. 

Foundational skills taught include:

  1. Emotional Regulation
  • Anger management
  • Dealing with Anxiety and Fear
  • Impulse/Urge control strategies 

2. Social Skills

  • Conversation 
  • Dating 
  • Social/personal boundaries
  • Empathy
  • Personal Safety Plans
  • Analysis of personal risk factors
  • Offence cycle
  • Victim selection/choices
  • Sexual knowledge and beliefs/values


For additional information, please contact Behaviour Innovations.