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Staff Training and Organizational Consulting

Behaviour Innovations provides current and high quality training programs that enable parents, educators, and professionals in the field to continue to develop their skill set. All of our training programs are designed to provide practical strategies for a multitude of settings based on evidence-based information and resources. All of our trainers are Board Certified Behaviour Analysts with field experience in the private and public educational settings across multiple school boards and regions. 

Behaviour Innovations provides both staff training and consultation to schools.  School consultation can be provided on an individual student basis.  For example, BI has been hired by school boards to develop intervention plans to prevent and manage the aggressive or self-injurious students that are enrolled with the regular school board.  We have also developed a manual on training specifications for classroom teachers in how to accommodate students with ASD into regular classrooms.  Additionally, a 212 page handbook has been designed to assist educators on ABA tools that can be used with students with ASD in classrooms. 

A) Internship

Behaviour Innovations is pleased to have been able to provide a challenging and rewarding internship experience each year to undergraduate or graduate students who are seeking hands-on experience in ABA.  Undergraduate students are expected to be in their third or fourth year and enrolled in a practicum program related to psychology. Internships may begin during July or September and have often led to full-time employment upon graduation.  Students benefit from this opportunity by gaining field experience and hands-on training in the application of ABA with learners diagnosed with ASD and/or other developmental disabilities in exchange for academic credit.

Longer term internships are available to international graduate students.  We have provided several year-long internships to graduate students from across the world, specifically, Germany and Japan.

For additional information about our Internship program, please see our hiring page. 

B) apprenticeship

Behaviour Innovations currently offers an apprenticeship program for individuals who have completed or are within six months of completing an undergraduate degree in social sciences (preferably psychology, or equivalent) and are looking for experience in implementing Intensive Behavioural Intervention (IBI) with children with Autism Spectrum Disorder.

The four-month unpaid apprenticeship is held at Behaviour Innovations' centre-based facility, “Children’s College”, located at 618 The Queensway, Toronto.  Successful candidates may start in January, May or September and are assigned to a BI staff mentor who provides individual instruction to candidates on how to understand and implement IBI programs and is responsible for the provision of didactic instruction in principles of applied behaviour analysis and techniques of implementing intervention procedures. Candidates will need to demonstrate their mastery of techniques and concepts through their measured skills in implementing programs with the children. Candidates will continue to receive supervision and feedback throughout the four month time period. A certificate of completion will be provided at the end of the apprenticeship. 


Dear Dr. Joel Hundert and Dr. Nicole Walton-Allen:

Applying to the apprenticeship program at BI was one of the best decisions that I have ever made in my life.  For some one like me with no experience in implementing Intensive Behavioural Intervention with children with autism, the BI apprenticeship program provided me with an opportunity to learn and gain hands on experience.  I was trained and supervised by great mentors who provided me with on-going coaching and feedback.  Waking up every morning to come to Children’s College was a blessing.  Everyday I learned from both the staff and the kids.  It was exciting!!  I thank you for making this opportunity possible.  Without this opportunity, I would not be where I am today.  And I say this because I went in with nothing à no knowledge on autism and IBI and I am leaving with a bag full of knowledge and experiences.  Thank you!  Thank you!  Thank you!  I cannot thank you enough.


Jessica H.

For more information about the Apprenticeship program, please see our hiring. 

c) Agency Consultation

Behaviour Innovations has been providing consultation and staff training to agencies that serve adults with developmental disabilities.  This consultation has included supervision of the individual behaviour support plans of individuals in group homes or some other form of group support.  This consultation often includes training of front line staff in how to prevent problem behaviours and how to deal with them when they occur. 

For more information on agency consultation, please contact Behaviour Innovations.