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Valued BI Employees

Valued BI Employees


Name: Jacqueline Khan, Jackie, Jacky, Jax, Philly  

Job title: Coordinator support at Children's College 

How many years with BI: Just over 2 1/2

Background: The guess is over- I'm mixed primarily Filipino and Guyanese. Born and raised in Toronto. Graduated McMaster University in Psychology, Neuroscience, and Behaviour 

How I came to BI: A mutual friend mentioned that he supported individuals who have Autism with BI. A quick Google search, 6 month apprenticeship, and here I am. 

What I like to do/ hobbies: Attend sporting events, concerts, go to the gym, shopping. 

What I dislike: Crocs 

My family: Two amazing parents, younger sister, brother, and my Shih-Poo fur baby named Kiwi

What I like about the job: Seeing the incremental changes from day to day, coming together to serve a bigger purpose in the client's daily life. 

What most people don't know about me: I was a skip for 3 years , a linebacker for 3 years  and a point guard for 7 years . I also snowboard.

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