Student Placements at Behaviour Innovations

Each year, Behaviour Innovations receives applications from over 50 students from various post secondary institutions across Canada (and the world!) that are interested in a placement at Behaviour Innovations. Student placements offer students the opportunity to gain real world experience in the fields of psychology and applied behaviour analysis with children and young adults with various developmental disabilities. Behaviour Innovations intensively trains accepted students to work directly with clients; all students must attend orientation sessions, online training, as well as client specific training sessions, and must pass fidelity checks to work independently with clients. Ongoing supervision is provided throughout their placement by senior facilitators, coordinators, and clinicians.

Recent analysis of anonymous student surveys (post-placement) has demonstrated a trend of great satisfaction with their placement experience. Students overall report being pleased with their time at Behaviour Innovations and relay that they have furthered their knowledge, enjoyed their experience, and the majority of students are motivated to continue with this field. It is our hope as an organization to continue to inspire young people to continue to work and flourish in this field!

Congratulations and best of luck to the 25 young people that are embarking on their orientation and training sessions this summer with Behaviour Innovation for their fall/winter placements!